President: Fannie M. Gilbert

Fannie Pic 3 (2).jpg
"Arts and culture are assets to communities and are essential to spark innovation and development."   

Fannie M. Gilbert is a devoted mother and grandmother.  She is a passionate community leader who believes it is ones’ duty, as part of society, to work for the greater good, prosperity, peace, development and innovation of that society.   She is a resident of Miami Gardens and is very active citizen.  She is the Co-chair of the Crestview/Rolling Oaks Neighborhood Crime and Crime Watch.  She assists with community clean up events; is a member of the Miami Gardens Democrat Club; she is the VP of the Voters Council of North Miami Beach, Inc. (the neighborhood where she grew up). She is a former banking professional who has a deep love for the arts.  Fannie has been a productive, contributing member of DAC for a number of years and previously served on the executive board in the office of treasurer.  She a proud and active member of her church, Manifest Miami and can been seen throughout the community, on any given day or night, attending a variety of events and cultural happenings throughout South Florida.